Seek expert advice!

I love wildlife photography (obviously lol) and recently it's mainly been of birds but I am hopeless at spotting them! As soon as I get into the bush I forget what I'm doing and end up just walking until a bird flies away from my footsteps hahaha

So I joined a bird watching group ( and went on a few birding excursions with them. It amazes me how they are able to identify birds just by the call and how they can spot teeny birds amongst a hugemongous bush!

My number of bird shots has increased dramatically since going on the excursions! (Certainly helps having a gazillion spotters who know what they're doing!!)

What's even better is now I actually know what each species is because they are always called out and a tally is done at the end of the excursion. I do like adding metatags into my pics...mainly for my benefit down the track haha

Here are a sample of the pics taken from these excursions.