Perth Zoo / Ocean Reef / Burns Beach

There was a BirdLife Photography excursion held at Perth Zoo from 0900Hr and I planned to get to South Perth a bit earlier so I could get breakfast first...but sleeping in felt so good hahah. So I ended up having a toastie and coffee from Bean Thru instead, soo goood!! 

The photogroup excursions are a little different to the other excursions in that we don't do a species count but instead we have coffee/cake and discuss camera equipment :D This suits me greatly hehehe

Obviously this isn't "Wildlife" photography but I do like going to the zoo to practice and experiment with camera settings etc. (The penguins are also very cute hehe). I've basically just put the pictures into chronological order.

For those that made it this far, you may have noticed that there were no bird pics until towards the end, we kind of distracted by the other animals and didn't think to find the birds until after morning tea hahahaha

After the zoo I decided to go to Ocean Reef because people have seen White Winged Wrens there and I wanted to try to photograph them, but I didn't see any wrens at all :( I did see a Zorro Honeyeater though, winnnnnnnning! 

By now it was getting close to sunset so I went to Burns Beach for some landscape shots! Still experimenting with these, not sure exactly what I prefer yet.