Penguin Island Adventure Tour!

I love penguins and I haven't been to Penguin Island since I was in primary school!! So I had to rectify that before the season closed and I figured if I was going to go on a boat, I might as well do the whole adventure tour too! (Visit to book your own adventure!)

As is tradition, I started the day by having a good breakfast! Luckily one of my favourite restaurants ( is nearby! Nom Nom Nom, breakfasting right is very important!

With breakfast sorted I headed to the jetty to hop onto the boat. Whilst waiting I noticed a Pied Cormorant drying its wings on the beach so I whipped the camera out and the camera was being difficult. I then realised I forgot to change the settings back after messing with it the night before, I'm so bad at that :(. By the time I got it back to my usual settings the Cormorant took off and I only got one shot of it whilst it was flying away. Let that be a lesson for everyone, make sure to reset your camera after you mess with it and also, Willie Wagtails are very cute with their cranky face!

Since I was booked onto the adventure tour we don't head straight to Penguin Island but instead we do a tour of Shoalwater Bay and try to find some dolphins! There was a super playful pod of dolphins with a couple of babies playing!!! They were freaking awesome just jumping around and nudging each other then surfing on the boats wake! My DSLR and telephoto lens was a little bit hard to hold whilst motoring along so I didn't take many photos of them (and I wasn't so sure about my sea legs hahaha) I will just have to go again!!

Once we saw the dolphins we headed to the smaller islands north of Penguin Island (Shag Rock, Seal Island and Bird Island)

FYI, baby pelicans are freaking cute!!

Soooo many animals on the islands, it is amazing how they all get along so well! People...take note!! (Also, This Pied Cormorant family is the funniest!!!)

Then we started to head towards Penguin Island, the captain opened the throttles up a bit and hooooned towards Penguin Island. We came across more Pied Cormorants and I saw a couple of Whistling Kites. There were also heaps of Crested Terns on the beach at Penguin Island, they apparently nest on the beach there! Ohh and a Australasian Darter drying it's wings on the beach, whilst looking at me funny hahah.

OK, now time for Penguins!!!! <3 <3 <3

These are now called Little Penguins but I much prefer their original name Fairy Penguins!! (They are also known as Blue Penguins, for obvious reasons!) I just really want one!

I realise that it makes sense now, but I didn't know how vocal they were! Check out the lungs on this guy! (His name is Kevin)

I went on a bit of a walk around the island to see if there was anything else birdwise to photograph but I only found a heaaaapppp of seagulls sitting on their eggs, which made them excessively I went back to the picnic area and had some lunch whilst waiting for the next ferry. On the boardwalk as I was walking to the jetty I saw a funny looking bird scratching around in the sand, it hadn't notice me yet so I took a heap of shots! Turns out it was a Buff Banded Rail, a usually very shy bird!! So lucky to see it!

For something a little different to end this blog, here's a picture of some pelicans that were just floating back and forth. Certainly living the life!

Small Print *No penguins were stolen in the making of this blog*