Secrets at Sunrise - A Documentary about the almost EXTINCT Western Ground Parrot

I went to the screening of this documentary last night at the Perth Zoo. It is about the Western Ground Parrot, of which there are less than 150 left in the whole world!

Their reduced numbers are mainly attributed to massive habitat loss through historical land clearing and then more recently they were severely impacted by two bushfires that reduced their habitat down to about 10% of it's original size. Other threats also include feral cat and fox predation.

The documentary is excellent and details the severity of the issues facing the continued survival of the Western Ground Parrot and the recovery efforts currently underway. (Warning: Some parts of the documentary was very sad :'( ). 

The Department of Parks and Wildlife is leading the recovery project and it is being overseen by the South Coast Threatened Birds Recovery Team. (The recovery plan is detailed here

A major contributor to the recovery actions is the community group "Friends of the Western Ground Parrot" they are currently fundraising to enable collection of more breeding pairs for the captive breeding program at Perth Zoo. To donate please visit their site

Perth Zoo are also fundraising to they can build better aviaries for the breeding program ( The Zoo will also be hosting another screening/fundraising day on the 17th September 2017 so keep an eye out for that!

With everyone's help we can ave the Western Ground Parrot from extinction!