Photography Challenge - Dragonflies

"We choose to take photos of dragonflies in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard".

Bwahaha, well ok, maybe it isn't that hard :p

I do like just sitting and watching them though, they have such random movements.  They are capable of hovering though and that makes it a little easier. Still a lot of luck required to get a good pic though!

Even when they're hovering it's a case of spray and pray!

It wasn't until I looked at the pictures above on a computer did I see it was eating something...That would explain why it sat on the rock for a while!

One of the reasons I love wildlife photography is you just never know what you'll see!

It is super exciting to head out into the bush and then see a bird you've never seen in the wild before or get a better picture of a bird you have seen before. 

This weekend I went to one of my favourite cafes (Cafe on the Dam) and had pancakes. That's not photography related but I just really like pancakes :D

There are soooo many friendly birds at the dam (including a non friendly Kookaburra that will steal food right off your plate!!) Most of them are pretty good around people and will let you get close enough to take heaps of pics. Some of them will look cranky though, like the guy below hehe.

Wren not looking very happy about being photographed :p

After breakfast I went for a drive to Roley Pools to practice some dragonfly shots. As I was walking towards the small pool where they gather I saw a bird land on a branch. Due to its position I could only see its silhouette and my first thought was that it was a Kookaburra, since I could hear heaps of them in the area. Once I walked around further and the bird stepped into the sun I saw that it was actually a Sacred Kingfisher!!! (They essentially look like a small colourful Kookaburra). This is the first one I've ever seen in the wild!!!

Sacred Kingfisher looking rather beautiful