Motorbike Road Trip To Esperance!

So after realising Australia Day was on a Thursday, I put a leave form in for the Friday so I could have an extraaaa long weekend. Then the week before I thought I should probably go away somewhere and have a mini holiday!

I had previously wanted to go to Esperance but I wasn't feeling too great and only made it to Hyden and stayed there instead hahah (Did get some good astro shots against Wave Rock though)

This time I booked accommodation and an eco tour in advance, so I couldn't wuss out! To make it harder I also decided to ride my motorbike down instead of driving...because it seemed like a good idea at the time...

Thursday 26th January

My day started with breakfast at Souljah Cafe and Wellness Centre in Roleystone. Awesome coffee and a delicious roast vege toastie...nom nom nom!

Next stop Brookton, Pingelly, Wickepin, Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King, Ravensthorpe, Esperance. (722km ~8 hours). The journey was quite uneventful, albeit sooooo hot. I stopped at every opportunity so I could throw water over myself and have a drink.

Quite knackered after that long ass ride I basically got to the room, had a shower and crashed for a bit. I started feeling a little peckish but was too lazy to go out for dinner...sadly there was no menulog ahah...all the restaurants I called weren't opened...the chocolates in the minibar were looking very tempting at this point...Subway was open though, woot!

After dinner I had planned on going down to the jetty for some sunset photos...but I fell asleep instead and didn't get up until the next morning lol

Friday 27th January

I booked an eco tour to Woody Island to see what the wildlife and landscape photography was like on the island. The boat was due to leave at 0830 so I found a place near the jetty to have breakfast. Ollies had rave reviews on Google and I wasn't disappointed! 

We all filed into the boat pretty early so we had some time to look for some seals on the surrounding islands! This seal pup was just too cute!!

Few minutes later we arrived on Woody Island and there was chocolate cake! Perfect thing just before a long walk around one of the hiking trails! There was heaps to see around the island, some highlights below.

Unfortunately it wasn't the clearest day for landscape photos :(

They say all good things must come to an end, so we all trundled back onto the boat and sat down. Apparently because the wind had picked up it was going to be a bumpy ride...they weren't wrong LOL. That's why the boat needed 900hp! 

Had a pretty chill night, grabbed some dinner and then went to the beach for some sunset pics. Not the best day for it though, I will need to go back :D

Saturday 28th January 2017

The beaches around Esperance are amazing!!!! I can't believe how many there are and so close to town!!! (Also FYI, Pink Lake...IS NOT PINK...such disappoint)

Sunday 29th January 2017

Pretty boring day this one, just had to make my way home...did not count on there being a cyclone off the coast however...see the vid below for a peak at what most of my ride home looked like...Luckily though, the rain stopped and I was dry by the time I reached home.

Esperance trip all done and dusted but I've planned a trip to Geraldton in a couple months and hope to get around to all the sights up there and do it all again! (Except maybe for the rain/cyclone)